If you are crafting your next political printing campaign, you should utilize some tried and true strategies for getting your message read and noticed. Especially when you are trying to reach a population that may be unfamiliar with your platform, or heavily inundated with opposing candidates’ materials, you need to make sure that your printed materials are top notch. Read on for some great tips for making your political printed materials great!

Grab Some Attention

You don’t want your direct mailer tossed out immediately, your flyer ignored, or your political postcard not even glanced at. You spend time and money on your printed materials to create a dramatic impression, and you want someone to be interested right away in reading what you have to say. A big, bold font and an eye-catching opening line will draw someone in and help them focus on what you are trying to convey. Using a bigger font is also helpful for reaching the largest voting demographic, which is overwhelmingly older adults. Thinking up a clever introductory line, or using an eye-catching slogan will help to make your printed materials stand out from the pack.

Clear the Clutterdreamstime_17241961

Clutter in your home makes things less attractive and accessible, and the same holds true for printed political materials. Too many words, different fonts, different sizes of texts, or images can just make your message look messy. Clean up your design, settle on a consistent font and color scheme, and make sure your message is easily understood. Don’t let your important points be lost in a paragraph or in too fine of print; highlight the most important points in succinct bullet points for easy accessibility. Simplify and streamline your printed materials, and use a consistent voice and design to create a unified campaign.

Use Pictures

We all know the old adage, that a picture is worth a thousand words, and this definitely applies to political printing. An image can quickly convey an idea, and draws the eye in. Pictures make large sections of text more appealing and help your materials have great design. A picture makes it much more likely that your materials will be read, and your message will reach more voters. Make sure you use high-resolution photos that look great and are not grainy or blurry. And even though pictures are important, don’t be afraid of negative space. Cramming too many images onto a page makes it more confusing, and leaving some white space helps the reader more easily access the information. And finally, include a picture of the candidate if it is applicable! Voters are much more likely to relate to a candidate that they have a visual image of, and a family photo can make that candidate more relatable.

Great Quality

If you are trying to make a good impression, you use the best materials, and in printing the paper and ink become paramount. A sloppy print job with streaks or smudges doesn’t convey a professional, reliable candidate, and thin, cheap paper won’t send the right message either. Use high-quality, thick stock that has a heft to it and ink that is clear, bright, and clean. A flimsy paper will feel unimportant, so choose the best materials to convey your message!

Include your Website

You want to engage with your voters on as many platforms as possible, so be sure to include any relevant contact information, including your website, on your printed materials. If you are active on social media, you want to put links that direct people there as well. Anything you can do to continue to engage your voters, get people discussing the issues, and get them voting is important, and printed materials are a huge part of that engagement.

Consider Your Demographic

What is your target demographic? This information should play into your design, and you might want to be more informal and trendy with younger voters, while an older demographic might be influenced through classic design and traditional colors. You want to cater to your target demographic, and your printed materials should reflect that. Work With Skilled Printers

You want to work with a printing company that will value your projects, from the largest to the smallest, and give each one the attention it deserves. A skilled printer will not only deliver high-quality materials, but will get them done in a timely manner, knowing that you need to get them to your voters. Record Printing is that kind of company, and our years of experience ensure that you get the best every time.