Looking for a way to increase your small business and reach more customers? A flyer is a great way to quickly and effectively reach your target audience and start making a profit! Read on to learn why flyers work so well, and how to make a great flyer.

Reach Your Target Audience

One of the best things about a flyer is the versatility. Hand them out on the street, go door to door, put them in as a newspaper insert, leave them in a store for clients to grab, or directly mail them to your customers. A flyer allows you to target exactly the demographic that your business caters to, and to get your message in front of them.


While many people are sending emails, a tangible piece of paper is still a great way to engage your audience. Having a tangible reminder that your customers can keep on their fridge, in their purse, or in their car will keep reminding them well after the first viewing. Few people go back to an email that is buried in their inbox, but a quality flyer will promote your business multiple times.


A flyer is a great way to include a coupon or promotion for your business, and is also a great way of tracking who is using those coupons. Including a special deal in your flyer makes it much more likely that your customers will engage with your business, visit, or purchase products or service. Instead of doing separate advertising and coupons, a flyer is a good way to combine them both into one, powerful paper.


While there are many large investments you can make to further your business, flyers are an affordable way to make a big impact. Think of all of the people you can reach through a flyer, and how much information you could include! A flyer can feature more words, images, and ideas than a small business card, and you can really delve into the heart of your business. Flyers are a great introductory way for you to test your local market for a new service or product!


A flyer is a convenient way to share recent customer testimonials that can build your reputation and credibility. Especially if you can get local clients to leave detailed reviews about your customer service, the quality of your products, and what makes you stand out from the crowd, you can really capture the attention of future customers. Testimonials build trust, and give a glimpse into what working with your business will be like. Don’t get too crazy with testimonials though; three or four are enough to give glowing reviews while not losing your audience’s attention.

How to Make a Great Flyer

Now that you know how flyers can easily and affordably increase your business, it is time for some ideas on how to make a great one! A boring sheet of white paper with a few lines of text is not going to stir up much business, so you need to get creative!

Simple Message

While you don’t want your flyer to be boring and plain, you do want to convey a clear, concise message. If you offer a large range of products or services, stick to your most popular for a flyer so your message doesn’t get confusing. You want to clearly state who you are, what you do, and the next steps you want your customers to take to contact you.


Capture attention right from the start by choosing colors that catch the eye and stand out from other mail. A colorful, beautiful design makes it more likely that someone will take the time to read your flyer, and keep it for future reference. If you have specific colors that represent your business, use those to start to cement your brand in the minds of your customers.


A unique font can be eye-catching, but five unique fonts on one flyer will just be confusing. By using only one or two really nice fonts you can create a beautiful design that appears professional and visually appealing.

Get Creative

A great pun, a funny joke, or an alliterated headline all make your flyer more memorable. Include powerful words and highlight why your business is unique and the best. If you can write a title that is interesting, you can draw the reader into the rest of your flyer.


If you want your flyer to look professional, it can’t have typos, grammatical errors, or any inaccurate information. Make sure you proofread your flyer, or have someone else look it over to make sure it is perfect. Some common mistakes that can really cost you big time are: a wrong address, wrong phone number, misspelling your business name, wrong hours of operation, or a wrong website URL.

Give Contact Information

Maybe you have created the greatest flyer ever, beautifully designed and leaving the customer wanting to buy your product or service right away. If you haven’t included any way for them to contact you, the flyer is pointless for creating new business. You need a phone number, a location, or a website that they can visit and take the next step. Make sure your customers know if special offers are only for a limited time, or any other restrictions you have on deals you are offering. The point of a flyer is to reach your audience and help them reach you, so be sure you contact info is there!

Use a High-Quality Printing Company

If your flyer looks cheap, so does your business. When you partner with a skilled printer to create quality flyers, it legitimizes your business and looks professional. Photo copies often do not have the crisp look that a professional copy will have, so make sure you are using the best! At Record Printing we treat every print job, both big and small, with the same expertise and skill to always create quality prints. If you are looking to boost your business, you need to contact Record Printing! In addition to amazing flyers, we are also one of the few union printers in the country—contact us today!